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If you just need a simple password control for long distance or international call and don't want to use RADIUS, you can set a parameter in service then in script ask caller to enter password if it matched the one set in IOS configuration then make the call out otherwise disconnect call. A sample script is posted in Documentation section. ...Read More


Hi Cisco Developers,

MSE VOIP Sample Application along with User Guide can be found under the below location.

The goal of this sample application is to demonstrate the Integration of IVR(Interactive Voice response) and MSE(Mobility service Engine).
...Read More


In IOS 15.2(2)T a new option is introduced for infotag get leg_dnis and infotag get leg_ani

"callnumber" is keyword

infotag get leg_dnis
infotag get leg_ani


infotag get leg_dnis callnumber leg_incoming

This option services the following purposes:

1. Return number portion only for DNIS or ANI in SIP trunk ...Read More


The fetchaudio attribute specifies the URI of the audio to be played while the document is being fetched. It can be used with any one of the following VXML Elements <data>; <goto>; <link>; <subdialog>; <submit>

Example: ...Read More


Cisco Technology Developer Partners,

Cisco is proud to announce the availability of our Cisco Unified Communications System Release 8.6 Not-For-Resale software bundle on Cisco Marketplace (Partner Login Required).

To purchase the latest Unified Communications NFR Software bundle
- Navigate to Cisco Marketplace
- Login using your Cisco.com UserID ...Read More


New Video Tutorial section is added for this Tcl IVR API
Video Tutorial ...Read More


param CLI can be mapped to IVR either in the global application mode, or as group params or under the specific dial-peer.

config t
service aa flash: app-b-acd-aa.tcl
param aa-pilot 7001

Having the param under the specific dial-peer provides the flexibility by having same application to work with various dial-peers in various ways. ...Read More


Cisco Developer Network will be presenting a CDN Developer Track at Cisco Live! London the week of January 31, 2011.

We are presenting technical sessions which highlight Application Programming interfaces (APIs) and Software Developer Kits (SDKs) for Cisco technologies such as Unified Communications, IOS, and Access Routing Technologies ¿ including the new Cisco Cius ...Read More


There are a few more tones can be played but are not listed in the programming guide

tn_ringback -- Plays a ring back tone
tn_congestion -- Play a congestion tone
tn_stuttdial -- plays a stutter dial tone
tn_intercept --plays a intercept tone, like busy tone

For example I have to use "leg setup $dest callinfo" for a reason ...Read More


Ultimate AA script

Suffering the AA menu prompt tree changing that you need to modify the script frequently? Or trying to find an AA script can fit all menu prompt tree?
You really can create an ultimate script that can fit all prompt structure
Here is the solution: ...Read More


I would like to shed some light on IPIPGW concept and its features.
IPIPGW Over TCL-VXML scripts:
We can deploy TCL and VXML scripts on IPIPGW,where DSP¿s are not requried to use this feature.You have to record prompt in the same codec type as you use for a call.This feature will be useful when we deploy prepaid calling cards.
IPIPGW : ...Read More


If we download the complete book length programming guide, the information tag leg_state and the status for that lg_xxx are missed.
But if we download chapter by chapter we can get those information.

Here is the link:


Leg State
The state of the call leg and the corresponding status code is reported in lg_xxx format:
Value for xxx Call Leg
000 LEG_INIT ...Read More


There is a perspective that TCL-IVR applications are not flexible enough for a newbie to play around. But in fact, there are lots of IVR applications that are coming inbuilt with Voice GW. You just need to copy/paste in a file editor and tweak it.
...Read More


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