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SocialMiner 9.0(1) Developer's Guide is posted in the documentation page of this SocialMiner tech center on CDN.


SocialMiner Documentation

The API changes include:

Campaign Results
Added a new value for the Campaign Results filterStatus parameter.
Added reason codes for social contact state changes.
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Cisco SocialMiner 8.5(5) program had passed FCS Readiness is now available for download at www.cisco.com

Key features in this release are:
- Standalone single-session chat
- Chat feed type
- Agent chat UI
- Customer chat UI
- Chat alias
- API for chat transcript
- IE 8 support for chat
- UI improvements
- Social contact layout
- Settings page layout

Product Documentation:

Release Notes ...Read More


Cisco SocialMiner Release 8.5(4) provides the following new features and enhancements:

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The key functionality that is part of this release is as follows:

UI Improvements
State selector
Real time state changes (eventing)
Cisco Facebook Reply Template
Updated Hardware Policy (any hardware vendor)
Eventing Status
Hardware Status
Logged in Users
Proxy Settings UI update -CCX
HTTP Notification

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SocialMiner 8.5(2) includes:

-Notifications - Email and IM notifications are now available. You can configure notifications to be sent through email and/or instant messaging any time a social contact is tagged with a defined tag. Email notifications support HTML tags while IM notifications are plain text.
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