Levels & Advancement

Earn points through approved activities to demonstrate your achievements and commitment to the CDN program. Points accumulation contribute to advancement to higher participation levels. Cisco Partner managers will review your activities, to process your advancement request.

#1 Before You Start

#2 Join now


Advance Your Membership Level for More Benefits

Registered Developer
Solution Developer
Preferred Solution Developer
  • Developer Centers
  • Download SDKs/Info
  • Forum based support
  • Visit DevNet
  • Product discounts
  • Event invitations and press release support
  • Developer support
  • Relationship management
  • Joint business planning
  • Marketing tools
  • Product roadmap and alignment
  • Channels and sales access
  • Joint showcase at industry events

Building in-house enterprise solutions?

Our Support-only Membership offers many of the same benefits, like technology access, support communities, and hardware discounts.

Earn Points to Advance your Membership Level

Tell Cisco about your successes through the Developer Dashboard, and you can increase your membership level from Registered to Solution and from Solution to Preferred Solution.

+2 points Labs
+1 pointCustomer Deal
2 pointsCustomer Reference

With every 18 points, you have the potential to increase your membership level. Each time you advance, your marketing and technical benefits expand.