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Post your integrated Solutions to the CDN Marketplace

Greetings CDN Members,
as we ramp up to Cisco Live Orlando 2012, there is still time to post or edit your integration solutions and or products.
Be a part of the CDN Marketplace Solutions Catalog!

We noticed that some of you are still not part of our Catalog - lots of promotion activities at the upcoming CL and the CDN Developer Forum so it is available for all to see...and you want to be seen! The CDN Marketplace showcases you by promoting your integrated Cisco-compatible solution.

Call to Action & Five Steps to Success for CDN Members

1. Log into My Developer Dashboard
2. Select ‘Complex Product’
3. Add text to new fields, upload images, upload collateral and take advantage of link to YouTube video
4. Review ‘Preview’ product page
5. Select ‘Post Product’

Detailed screen shots can also be found here: CDN Partner Guide

For additional best practices and how to take advantage of our Marketplace logo, look here
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