When changing the guest OS password of root, you may encounter an Authentication token manipulation error. This message occurs because the /etc/shadow file is not present. You can add the shadow file by entering 'pwconv', then the root password can be set. See the example below.

bash-3.2# passwd
Changing password for user root.
passwd: Authentication token manipulation error

bash-3.2# pwconv
bash-3.2# passwd
Changing password for user root. ...Read More


In addition to bug fixes, AXP 1.6.2 adds support for the new SM-SRE-710-K9 and SM-SRE-910-K9 service modules. Additionally, the expiration check of the authorization bundle is no longer enforced in AXP 1.6.2. The authorization bundle, which is provided by Cisco Developer Network, grants permission to run applications on the AXP platform. In addition to security information, the authorization bundle also contains an expiration date. Starting from AXP 1.6.2, the check on this expiration date ...Read More


The AXP upgrade process provides key features such as automatic deletion of previously installed files that are not included in the upgrade package. However, in order to not delete previously installed files, the upgrade process requires that previously installed files be included in the upgrade package which can lead to bloated packages. To simply the package and reduce package size, users can create a patch to modify only intended files. For example, if the initial installed package contai ...Read More


AXP version 1.6.1 has added support for Simple Network Management Protocol SNMPv2c. SNMP commands used in Cisco AXP are similar to Cisco IOS software SNMP commands. The AXP User Guide provides examples of traps generated by agents in SNMP that are utilized by Cisco AXP. Please review the AXP User Guide section 'System Management using SNMP and CDP' along with the Command Reference Guide for more information.
...Read More


In addition to bug fixes, the AXP 1.5.2 maintenance release builds upon AXP 1.5.1- see the blog 'AXP 1.5.1 Release - A Giant Leap Forward' - by adding support for two new service modules. The SRE 700 has a 1.86 GHz cpu, 4 GB Ram, and a 500 GB HD. The SRE 900 offers Raid 1 support, has a 1.86 GHz dual core cpu, 4 GB RAM and 2x500 GB HD. Raid-1 and linear raid can be selected as options at install time. This new hardware runs on the new Cisco Generation 2 routers which require IOS re ...Read More


AXP takes a huge step forward by adding new hardware support and software features. I¿ll discuss many of the new hardware and features below.
...Read More


After downloading the provided AXP gzipped tar files for your service module, if you are using a windows environment, you might decide to untar the files with WinZip. If this choice is made, caution must be taken because WinZip has a 'TAR file smart CR/LF Conversion ...Read More


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